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The purpose of this newsletter is to make health simple.

Each week you’ll receive one new habit to try. I’ll explain why it’s important and how to easily implement it into your life. You’ll have the entire week to try it out before you receive another one.

I believe that habits are the backbone of success in everything we do. Create good habits, and you’ll inch closer and closer to your true potential.

But the key to creating habits is to start small and one at a time. This newsletter will help you to create the momentum you need to move towards a healthier and happier future.

Every Monday, you will receive an email outlining a new habit for you to try this week. The habits focus on improving all aspects of health and wellbeing, from physical fitness and nutrition to happiness and finding meaning.

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?" - Epictetus


Ashley Richmond
My mission is to make implementing new habits as simple as possible so that people are empowered to reach their highest potential.